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What Will Change?

It is not news that swimming will be different when we’re allowed back into the water, but what does this mean?
In short, we don’t know right now. Swim England will be releasing further guidance on Monday June 15th.
Along with the changes we will have to abide by, I will also be making changes to my lessons. Some exciting changes may I add!

New Branding

You will have seen, either on my website or Facebook page that I have rebranded my business. I have a new logo, I have a new uniform, I have a new Instagram page and soon I hope to share with you new swimming hats that you’ll be able to purchase should you wish to.

New Lesson Structure

By this, I do not just mean what we will be bound to by Swim England. Oh no, I mean the potential to offer small group lessons on a regular basis alongside my ever increasing 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 clientele. Yet to be set in stone, but the potential of gaining more pool time and pool space is high and I cannot wait to share more details when I have them!

New Venue!

That is right, a new venue! Alongside the Holiday Inn on Ipswich Road, I am in discussions with other pools to secure extra pool time. This will mean I will have the ability to offer more lessons and be in a better position to provide lessons for people from across the city.

But When Will This All Happen?

Pools are aiming to be open from July 4th and I am keeping everything crossed for this to be the case, but understand that in such unprecedented times, this may change.
Changes I am making will be rolled out over a course of several weeks once pools are back up and running. I am excited about everything to come, but I must keep my clients and my own safety and health at the forefront of my mind as we go forwards.

When times change, so must we.

Barack Obama.

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