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From The Sun and Sand to The Wet and Wind!

Saying Goodbye to Dubai…

…Wasn’t that hard if I’m honest.

Nope, it turns out that Dubai was not for me. You may remember my last post, from January, weighed up the good and the bad about the country. Unfortunately, as the weeks went by after posting, things continued to go south for me. When February came around, I was so unhappy that I made the decision to fly home. I was due to complete my probation period at work at the end of the month and I felt that I owed the job nothing. By this point I felt that I wasn’t gaining anything from my role or the country, so I decided to tot it up to experience and call it a day!

How Did It Feel?

BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. I cannot describe the sense of relief I felt, when stepping off the plane. It was 6:15am on March 2nd 2021 and I was home. I was surrounded by family and friends and my brain was no longer spinning. I was also overly excited to spend 10 days in a quarantine hotel! Yes, I fell into the category of those that needed quarantine in a hotel and as sad as that sounds, I actually loved it. Being given 10 days to myself to chill out and recoup was perfect. I spent my 10 days reading, walking and I catching up on what felt like a decade of English television. It really was just what I needed.

Let’s Fast Forward

I live in Cumbria! You may have guessed this if you follow my personal accounts. There has been a bit of a theme of late. I’m now working for a hotel running their swim school and building it back up for them. When I started on the 12th April there were only 62 swimmers on the list, now just a few weeks later and I am looking at a register of 85 swimmers and 30+ on my waiting list! I’m also learning more about pools, spas and gyms and have even been enrolled onto a couple of training courses. These will hopefully enable me to take more responsibility of the leisure side of the hotel.

My new work colleagues also seem pretty fabulous too, I’ve even got a new Facebook Friend ha-ha! (I hope you’re reading this Tracey!).

So, Why Cumbria?

Have you ever been? If the answer is yes then you’ll know why!
Since about the age of 15 I’ve wanted to move towards the Lake District. I visited Keswick as part of my Year 10 Geography course and fell in love with the scenery. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago, I have however, been back many a time since then. Camping with friends and introducing my mum to this part of the world. As well as with Town Close when leading the Year 8 Leavers Trip. I’m pretty certain that everyone I know is aware this has been my dream destination. Including the poor year 8’s that had to put up with having me in charge. Almost all of them came home telling their peers, parents, and teachers what a great time Miss Bryant had, had!

This part of the country is just breath taking come rain or shine. Yes, it’s wet 99% of the time but the adventures that await are countless. On my days off I can head to quirky towns or up a mountain if I choose; I can hunt waterfalls and enjoy wild swims; I can seek thrills or sit by the lake and chill. The scenery is out of this world and the respect for the land and nature is mutual across the area. It is just a wonderful, wonderful place to live. I honestly don’t think I’ve been happier or more content than I currently am.

Settling In

As with most people over the last 12months life has become very distorted. After New Zealand was knocked on the head last year, and then enduring a summer of various unfulfilling jobs, before heading to Dubai, I can’t recall the last time I felt settled. But this move is different; this move I am going to make work; this move I am going to make permanent; and this move I am going to plant my roots. The next step for me is to buy a property, be it a house or a flat. I am so close to that first step of the property ladder and I can’t wait to cross the threshold of a home I can call my own. I am excited for all that is to come and can’t wait for people to visit!  

If you need me, I’ll be lost in the Lakes somewhere!

Lost in the Lakes 
We got lost in those hills and lakes, so lost.
Forgot who we were for those few days
Lost ourselves to the pubs and the people
To the wind rippled water, the wide open sky
Lost in the light and landscape
To the whispers and the rustle of the season
Marked time by the width of the meadow,
By early morning climbs and slow descents
Gave ourselves up to its simplicity
Walked, talked, ate, and slept.
Had time to remember, little to forget
Found that silly side of ourselves again
Dreamers, schemers, post children in-betweeners
Imagined we might get lost forever
In this little part of heaven,
And its changable weather.
You and I , lost and forever 
- Helena Tyce - 
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