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When can we Splash into Swimming again?

So, the recent update from Boris Johnson was not exactly music to my ears, hear I was with my hope’s way too high listening out for when pools will reopen. I guess I am an optimist, even though I 100% appreciate why they remain shut, I am still gutted not to be back in the pool!

I must admit that I am starting to struggle with this whole lockdown situation. This is the longest time I have spent away from chlorine since the age of 4 and am struggling to remember what it smells like!
I am so grateful that some of my lovely clients are keeping in touch and managing to cheer me up. I’m pleased that some of my resources have been useful and it’s nice to hear that your littles ones are as excited to get back in the pool as I am.
I’ll be spending some time this week creating some more resources for you, whilst keeping my eyes peeled for updates from Swim England.

I hope to be in touch with good news in the near future!

Keep Safe and Keep Smiling 😊

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