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Before We Get Started

25th July 2020

We have a date for the reopening of swimming pools! Hurrah!

As a result, I have been busy putting together a detailed risk assessment as well as drawing up a contract for swimmers/parents and guardians to sign. Alongside finalising the paperwork I am also in touch with the swimming pools to arrange more pool time.

Please feel free to download both documents from the bottom of this page.

Swim England’s Guidance

I will be following the guidance provided by Swim England at all times, with no exceptions.
We must do all that we can to prevent this virus spreading any further than it already has. I am excited to get back to teaching, these past 4 months have been hard work and I can finally see that there is light at the end of this tunnel, but we cannot let that light disappear by not following the rules.

Teaching Changes
  • For the foreseeable future I will not be teaching from within the water.
  • I will be using my Samsung tablet to show visual demonstrations to learners instead of physical demonstrations
  • There will be a change over time of 10 minutes between lessons to allow me to clean and sanitise all equipment
  • Lessons will be 25 minutes long not 30 minutes to allow for the changeover time for the time being
  • To ensure I can sanitise my equipment thoroughly I will be using a limited selection and rotating the use of floats and toys throughout the week
Learner Changes
  • Swimmers should arrive and leave lessons in their swimming things, to avoid using the changing rooms
  • I am asking for competent family members over the age of 16, be in the water for the duration of a child’s lesson should they need support
  • It is important that only 1 spectator accompanies the swimmer to their lesson
  • Unless supporting the child in the water, parents will not be allowed on poolside
  • I will provide lesson feedback via email or text within 24 hours of the lesson to allow swimmers to leave the pool quickly and efficiently
  • I will be accepting contactless/card payments or BACS transfers, but no cash for the time being
  • If paying by BACS, this needs to be done in advance of the lesson.
  • Where possible the learner should bring their own equipment to lessons.


You will need to book your lessons in advance. Therefore, I will share lesson availability here and via email.

As I am on holiday from the 25th-2nd August, I will be taking bookings for the week commencing August 3rd and will be giving preference to existing clients.
If you are intending to return to lessons straight away, I will need the new contract signed and returned by July 24th.

I will not be booking clients in if I have not received the contract back.

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